Greetings from Soile Isokoski

Soprano Soile Isokoski is sitting on the Jury of the Sibelius Singing Competition for the first time. What are her feelings as she awaits the competition?


“I’m very much looking forward to the duo competition in March, and I’m curious, too. It’ll be my first time on the Jury of a competition emphasising the works of a single composer.”


Like other music competitions, the Sibelius Singing is, she says, a meaningful way of discovering promising new singers and players. So what messages would she send to anyone thinking of taking part?


“Singers and pianists: enter the competition to test yourselves and your nerves! The most important thing is not winning but the work you put in and the journey you experience in practising the repertoire,” she stresses.

And what about the audience? Is it worth coming to listen to the Sibelius Singing Competition, even if you’re not familiar with the works of Sibelius?

“Sibelius had an extensive output. I hope the participants will include some of the less frequently-heard songs. As a listener, I’m personally interested in hearing different interpretations of songs that are already familiar to me. It’s the guests that make a party and the listeners that make a concert, so welcome to all to come along and listen!”


Sibelius Singing Competition is held in Järvenpää, Finland 25-28 March 2020. The registration is open until 20th November 2019. Register you duo here.